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The Go-To Real Estate Appraiser in Merrick, NY

Elevating Merrick home valuations through unrivaled expertise and attention to detail.

Navigating the real estate waters? It’s easy to feel lost without a reliable guide. Enter A.D.A Resources, LLC — more than just a real estate appraiser, we’re your dedicated partner in all property valuation needs. Serving Merrick, NY, we offer a seamless blend of 25-plus years of expertise and unparalleled accuracy. Whether you’re looking to refinance, sell, or contest property taxes, we’ve got your back. We meticulously assess key parameters such as your home’s age, size, condition, and even the impact of recent local sales to deliver an ironclad appraisal.

Work With Experts that Care

We set the gold standard for appraisal accuracy by utilizing cutting-edge technology. As a FREA-certified and FHA-approved appraiser, integrity is our second nature.